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Tell All Featuring TiffanyBrownMua 
Tell us a little about yourself and your hair journey.
 During the week I am a Pharmaceutical Representative who starts her day with kisses and hugs from her two little ones. When I’m not potty training or watching Jurassic World for 10th thousand time I am exercising my makeup artist skills. My weekends are filled with making other women look and feel beautiful.

How long have you been natural?
- I have been natural all of my life and have never used relaxers on my hair. But I have used many degrees of heat and tons of coloring chemicals. My natural hair journey started when I started to notice the damage from my over use of heat and coloring products on my natural hair.
What motivated you to go natural?
- I have always been natural and never used relaxers but I became motivated to take better care of my hair in its natural state because I noticed the damage I had done with heat and coloring chemicals. When I started to notice the damage I realized that I had to do something different to my hair so it could repair itself. This is when I started to embrace my hair and its natural form and allowed myself to wear it more freely. Being in the professional industry that I am I developed a comfortable hairstyle of always having it straight. Well after over 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry anyone can see how the damage would add up. So my motivation came from wanting healthier hair.

Were you afraid to express your natural side? Why?
- Absolutely! I never understood the texture of my hair. I could never find the products that could control my frizz and being from the south the humidity is CRAZY. I always felt that I looked like Mufasa from the Lion King when wearing my natural hair.

How would you describe your hair?
- The best way to sum it up is to say that my hair has a mind of its own! At least that is how it makes me feel most of the time. My hair is very long and curly yet it does not curl straight from the root I have about 3 different curl patterns. (weird I know!)

Did you take the transitional route or did you do the BIG CHOP and why?
- Neither
What are your favorite hair products?
- Cantu, DeVa Curl, Shea Moisture, and Crème of Nature

Who are some of your favorite natural hair YouTube Vloggers?
- Tiffany Nicols Design is my absolute favorite! I am a total curl fan of her!

Where can people find more information about you?
- Everyone can connect with me on Instagram (@tiffanybrownmua) and on my website at I also have a YouTube Channel under Color & Curls

Any motivational or inspiring words for our readers?
- Yes I do, for the industry professionals who battle with the natural hair journey because of their place of employment I want them to know that they can embrace their natural hair too. In most jobs we find ourselves conforming to a certain style based on what we think they want to see. So embrace your natural beauty by finding hairstyles that allow you to be who you are in the workplace. There are so many different ways to style our hair that the possibilities are endless. Go forward natural and beautiful, on and off the job.

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