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TELL ALL Featuring Moe_dadiva 

 Tell us a little about yourself and your hair journey.  I’m Moe and I’m addicted to all things beautiful…..inside and out ? I am a blogger/vlogger living in NC. I was a warrior of the corporate world for about 10 years before what seemed like at the time an unfortunate layoff forced me to switch gears and reevaluate my career path. My greatest job and joy in addition to all of the other hats that I wear is being a mom to a wonderful 9 year old who is on the autism spectrum. The days can be challenging, but he doesn’t complain so what right do I have? 

I began transitioning to natural about 5.5 years ago. I suffered hormonal hair loss after I had my child in 2006 and nursed my weak relaxed strands for 4 years after until I decided to attempt to transition. I wore weave/wigs consistently for about 4.5 years until some heat damage to my leave out forced me out of that. I began wearing my natural hair out last winter and decided it would be a great idea to share my journey to healthy natural hair via social media. Its definitely been a wonderful experience showing and giving support to other women on this natural hair journey.

How long have you been natural? I’ve been fully natural for about a year now. I chopped my last bit of heat damage off LIVE on periscope with my wonderful followers supporting me back in August… was sort of emotional!

What motivated you to go natural? As mentioned previously, I had some crazy hormonal hair loss after the birth of my child in 2006. I tried for 4 years to care for my relaxed hair as best as I could but could never get ahead of the damage. Heat was not my friend, chemicals were not my friend, and I could not grow my hair beyond shoulder length. It was super frustrating. I decided that I would love to see how my hair thrived in its natural state. I remembered it being so thick and healthy as a child…..I wanted that back.

Were you afraid to express your natural side? Why? I think I was always afraid to wear my hair out of the weave because I had gotten so used to caring for the weave and just letting my hair “be” underneath it. I knew that just wearing extensions back to back was not doing anything for the health of my real hair. I was afraid to abandon the look I had become known for for the past almost 5 years. To my surprise, when I debuted my natural hair to my friends and family via Facebook they were all SOOOO supportive and encouraging of me to wear it out. The negative comments I receive are from older women who consistently beg the question, “When you gonna do something with your hair?” ?

How would you describe your hair? I would describe my hair as classical kinky hair with tight coily ringlets and a very coarse texture. It charts as Type 4 hair for those who prefer that description. I love my hair texture because its coarseness allows for staying power when styled and its easily moldable allowing its styling versatility to be virtually limitless!

Did you take the transitional route or did you do the BIG CHOP and why?  I transitioned because I was soon attached to the hair that I had on my head even thought it was a damaged mess. If I could go back and do it over I certainly would have big chopped. I had a lot of self inflicted set backs during transition that I could have spared myself had I not been so foolish. I’m so certain that I would have way more length and health had I BC’d.

What were some of your favorite transitional hairstyles? By far my favorite transitioning style was a sew in with virgin Indian curly hair. I LIVED in that style. If I had to I would wear a half wig in between appointments, but that barely happened as was REAL SERIOUS about booking my appointments like clockwork! LOL.

What are your favorite hair products? My favorite hair products are ones that give my hair the moisture it needs to thrive. My hair can become dry VERY quickly so I make sure to care for it from the inside out start with plenty of water and a good hair vitamin like Hairfinity, Jarrow silicon drops, & a biotin supplement. I do a moisturizing deep conditioner once a week with a product like Dr. Miracle Double Deep Moisture Mask or Aussie Moist 3 minute miracle. I’ve recently been experimenting with the bentonite clay for moisture retention and my results have been AMAZING! For styling you can’t beat Lotta Body products as they give he hair hold and definition along with moisture, & they’re priced SO right!

Who are some of your favorite natural hair YouTube Vloggers? There are so many amazing women showing what our hair can do on YT but I have to say that my favorites are ladies like Donedo (Donna), Ect Blog Mag (Yolanda Renee), and Jenell Stewart who have been around for years and are sort of pioneers. They really helped me to realized that it was going to be alright once I did decide to star wearing my hair out. Their tips, styling techniques, and product reviews are priceless.

Where can people find more information about you? My digital footprint is strong guys, so come hang with me because this whole social media thing is kinda boring without interaction. Find me on the following platforms:

My blog:
Instagram: @moe_dadiva
Twitter: @moe_dadiva
YouTube (no videos yet, but you’re def going to want to subscribe to be there when they drop):
Periscope channel : Download the FREE app and search for Moe D. Diva (@moe_dadiva)

Any motivational or inspiring words for our readers? This year I turned 30 ( in Feb.) and I made a decision to stop thinking about the life I wanted and to start creating it. This has been the scariest yet most fulfilling year of my life and I feel like I am LIVING. Everyday I awake with my destiny in my hands and I know that the success that I aim to achieve rest solely on my shoulders. I am sharing my journey with women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty that they possess whether the world views it as conventional or not. There is something quite empowering about being uniquely and unapologetically YOU. I would encourage anyone reading this to begin TODAY to do the things you said your were going to do yesterday. We live in a world where we are reminded daily of how fleeting our time here can be, don’t you want to make the most of yours? Live with no regrets and no regard for what anyone else thinks your success and happiness should look like & I guarantee you will begin to experience life filled with TRUE emotion and TRUE happiness. You’re so awesome, you deserve that feeling!
-Moe Diva ?

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