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Tangela Jones is the powerhouse behind two major brands,NaturalRootSista™ and PurposeKollection™ built on passion, determination, endurance and inspiration. This part of her journey is filled with joy and empowerment.
After years of lifeless, damaged hair and struggling with being overweight, it was time for her to make a difference in her life. She started NaturalRootSista with a passion to inspire and encourage other women. This platform allows women to express their boldness by showing off particular hair styles, fashion, beauty, and self-expression.
She connects with women all over the world reaching those that are spiritually broken and experiencing a similar journey. Her motto is “if women dared to be bold and different” she would feature them on her blog. NaturalRootSista has grown to become a nationally known brand in the natural hair community.
Tangela then began to research ways to take better care of her temple she created PurposeKollection natural products for hair and skin.
Inspired by her grandparents to be a leader and work hard, she found that going back to natural roots would result in loving and creating natural products. 
Tangela had no idea she had this type of special gift, and she gives all praise to the Lord for allowing her to go through her trials and tribulations to walk in her purpose. Her biggest influences are women who strive to go after their dreams. These go-getters push themselves through tough times and stand on their own knowing they will not be defeated.
She currently hosts meetups at Whole Foods Market and Chatty Crab with a local group of women to share beauty, hair, and fashion tips, eating healthy, and so much more. She is also involved with Pace Center, girls who have lived through a variety of issues such as abuse, trauma, and neglect. As a motivational speaker, she speaks with students at different colleges on ways to bring a business idea into existence. She believes her journey is a true gift from God.
 Tangela is loving the skin she is in right now, and all it took her to get there was empowerment, inspiration, and motivation. Her "motto" Love yourself from head to toe, sissy!